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Alice Carleton | Founder & Leadership Coach | True Intent

Our tailored approach to leadership development

We work with new and emerging leaders to develop skills that are essential to leadership. Our strengths-based coaching methods, group facilitation practices, and personalized approach provide the framework and support to increase self-awareness, address challenges with greater effectiveness, and lead with greater confidence. We are honored to be a trusted resource and advisor to our clients and committed to doing justice to this confidence in everything we do.

Alice's Backstory

Founder at True Intent


So, I have a not-so-traditional story. I grew up in the 70-80's (okay, so far, maybe not so unusual) with five siblings and macrobiotic foodie parents, mostly in New England, with a stint in Belgium and France. There may have been a VW van involved.

Growing up, I was pretty much a creative/bookworm with a strong independent streak. At 16, I left high school and moved to Boston for a year where I worked full-time in a deli until I remembered that I LOVED school. Fate intervened, and I found my way to Simon’s Rock College, a small alternative college for high-school-age students. It had my name written all over it—a cohort-style, self-directed learning environment that fostered critical thinking and creative ideation. After I graduated from Simon’s Rock, I co-founded a jewelry design business. Some real successes. Lots of lessons. Ask me about our first open house trunk show.

The next 7 years were a mix of personal adventures on both coasts, including some pretty dark and challenging times. Then at 28, I joined The Body Shop, where my career really took off into my mid-30’s. A master’s degree plus 11 more years in luxe sales and marketing leadership roles gave me the opportunity to put leadership theory into practice, be humbled by how hard it can be, and ultimately, verify beyond a doubt how much I love coaching other leaders and teams to build greater confidence and stride. Hence, True Intent.

I had a bit of rocky go of it early on, including no-joke workaholism into my 40’s and a devastating loss in 2012 that forever changed me. Gratefully, I can say for sure that the combination of earnest study, real-world experience, empathy, and intuition has been hard-earned but now freely shared.

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Who do we work with?

Emerging Leaders. Entrepreneurs. Startups.

For NEW and EMERGING LEADERS looking to develop great habits early on or target an essential soft skill, our Professional Development Workshops are an ideal way to jump-start your skillset and your confidence in a focused, fun environment with a diverse group of like-minded professionals. Stay tuned for the 2021 Spring Calendar!

If your career is underway and you'd like to further enhance your leadership skills for the role you're in, or position yourself for next-level career opportunities, our Private or Group Coaching Programs provide personalized guidance and accountability to build on strengths, refine goals, practice new concepts, and clearly map your course forward.


Our Business Leadership & Development Programs are designed for ENTREPRENEURS and BUSINESS LEADERS. We understand first-hand the challenges (and excitement) in getting an idea or business off the ground. Whether you identify as a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or you’re not quite sure—we're here to help you put your vision into motion!

For STARTUPS and ORGANIZATIONS IN TRANSITION, our Leadership Coaching & Development Programs and Organizational Culture Initiatives are tailored to support people development and culture goals while aligning with your organization's mission and values. As a trusted strategic partner, coach and confidante, we custom design each program to best equip and support your emerging leaders and organization as a whole.

How it works. Our TrueACTS of Leadership roadmap.

Our coaching method provides dedicated partnership, resource and support
to replace fear and anxiety with confidence and momentum.


Discover (or revisit) your strengths and identify potential gaps.

Re/connect with what truly drives you—and why.

Build on your core values and leverage your strengths.

Identify key themes and areas of opportunity for development.

Set ambituous but realistic and relevant goals that matter to you.

Allow new insights to inform your actions and next steps.


Challenge your assumptions—don't settle for status quo.

Be honest about what is working and what is not.

Be open to new concepts, insights, and perspectives.

Practice "micro risks" that build confidence, resilience and forward momentum.

Seek out and welcome constructive feedback.

Continue to take risks that build confidence and trust.


Develop trustworthy instincts and make better decisions.

Reflect on your intentions before every "macro risk" that you take.

Cultivate teams that foster empathy, vulnerability, unity, and collaboration.

Establish best practices that are sustainable and human-centered.

Protect your bandwidth—and respect the same for those around you.


Establish personalized frameworks for long-term success.

Build out your personalized gameplan for sustained motivation, focus, and goal achievement.

Recognize quick wins, key milestones, and "macro shifts" Then keep building on them.

Continue to seek out trusted feedback, take bold risks, and make your words and actions count.


To be thoughtful, courageous, and strategic in everything we do.


Fun Facts

  • In order to make ends meet when first launching True Intent, Alice tutored H.S. students on the college application process. And, still does.
  • Before working in luxe sales+marketing, Alice ran a photo lab for 3 years.
  • Alice's signature dish for family and friends is Shrimp Scorpio. If you'd like the recipe, just ask!
  • First stint as an entrepreneur was as a co-founder of a jewelry design business in Portland, ME following a semester abroad in Kenya, Africa.
  • Alice designed 8 out of her 10 tattoos (4 of them she inked herself).

Daring greatly is the courage to be vulnerable. It means to show up and be seen. To ask for what you need. To talk about how you're feeling.
To have the hard conversations.

– Brené Brown, Daring Greatly


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