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Tailored coaching programs and trusted resources for new and emerging leaders seeking to build greater confidence.

Alice Carleton | Founder & Leadership Coach | True Intent

Our tailored approach to leadership development

We work with you—new and emerging leaders—to develop skills that are essential to leadership—empathy, resilience, executive presence, and effective communication, to name a few.

Our strengths-based coaching methods and tailored approach provide the framework and opportunity to increase self-awareness, take bold risks, establish new best practices, and lead with true confidence.

Gain the insight and tools needed to develop your own leadership style and be well-equipped to approach new and existing challenges with greater effectiveness and measurable impact.

Hi, I’m Alice Carleton

Founder at True Intent


Throughout my career in luxe sales and marketing, I coached emerging leaders and teams at all stages of development, both at the corporate offices and in the field with global industry leaders—The Body Shop, AVEDA, and Kiehl’s at L’Oreal. In 2005 and 2006, I earned my master's in leadership theory and a graduate certificate in change management, which ultimately was the spark that shaped much of my career success and my current vocation.

In 2012, I relocated to NYC where I now live. Between 2015 and 2018, I pursued additional credentials in coaching and organizational development, earned my Society of Human Resources Management-Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) certification, changed career tracks, and launched my coaching practice—originally as Kairos360 Change Agency, now all-in as TRUE INTENT.

I love seeing first-hand the benefit and impact coaching has for my clients. I will continue to grow and evolve the scope of my practice to deliver on our TRUE INTENT mission. Including, being an active voice in the conversation on leadership practices and the transformative effect that leadership coaching can have on a career, business, and organization.

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Who do we work with?

Emerging Leaders. Entrepreneurs. Organizations in Transition.

For NEW and EMERGING LEADERS looking to develop great habits early on or target an essential soft skill, our Professional Development Workshops are an ideal way to jump-start your skillset and your confidence in a focused, fun environment with a diverse group of like-minded professionals.

If your career is underway and you'd like to further enhance your leadership skills for the role you're in or position yourself for next-level career opportunities our Private and Group Coaching Programs provide personalized guidance and accountability to build on strengths, refine goals, practice new concepts, and clearly map your course forward.


Our Entrepreneurial Leadership & Business Development Programs are designed for ENTREPRENEURS and BUSINESS LEADERS. We understand first-hand the challenges (and excitement) in getting an idea or business off the ground. Whether you identify as a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or you’re not quite sure—we're here for you.

For STARTUPS and ORGANIZATIONS IN TRANSITION, our Leadership Coaching Programs and Organizational Culture & Change Initiatives are tailored to support people leadership and culture objectives while aligning with your organization's mission and values. As a trusted strategic partner, coach and confidante, we custom design each program to best serve and empower your leadership teams and your organization as a whole.

How it works. Our TrueACTS roadmap.

Our coaching method provides dedicated partnership, resource and support
to replace fear and anxiety with confidence and momentum.


Discover (or revisit) your strengths and gaps.

Re/connect with what truly drives you—and why.

Build on your core values and leverage your strengths.

Identify key themes and areas of opportunity for development.

Set ambituous but realistic and relevant goals that matter to you.

Allow new insights to inform your actions and next steps.


Challenge your assumptions—don't settle for status quo.

Be honest about what is working and what is not.

Be open to new concepts, insights, and perspectives.

Practice "micro risks" that build confidence, resilience and forward momentum.

Seek out and welcome constructive feedback.

Continue to take risks that build confidence and trust.


Trust your instincts and forge deeper relationships.

Take bold and strategic "macro risks".

Cultivate relationships (and teams) that foster vulnerability, unity, and collaboration.

Establish sustainable best practices that you and others can count on.

Protect your bandwith—maintain balance, focus, and healthy boundaries.


Act with greater confidence and intention as a leader.

Build out your personalized gameplan for sustained motivation, focus, and goal achievment.

Recognize quick wins, key milestones, and "macro shifts" Then keep building on them.

Continue to seek out trusted feedback, take bold risks, and make your words and actions count.


Coach new and emerging leaders to level up the essential skills and confidence to create bold and measurable impact.


Fun Facts

  • In order to make ends meet when first launching True Intent, Alice tutored H.S. students on the college application process. And, still does.
  • Before working in luxe sales+marketing, Alice ran a photo lab for 3 years.
  • Alice's signature dish for family and friends is Shrimp Scorpio. If you'd like the recipe, just ask!
  • First stint as an entrepreneur was as a co-founder of a jewelry design business in Portland, ME.
  • Alice designed 8 out of her 10 tattoos (4 of them she inked herself.)

Don’t ask, What do I want from life? Ask a different set of questions: What does life want from me? What are my circumstances calling me to do?

– David Brooks,
The Road to Character


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