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At TRUE INTENT we coach new and emerging leaders and organizations seeking to develop and refine leadership skills, build stronger teams, and create trust-based culture. We emphasize interpersonal soft skills that are increasingly valued and necessary, including, empathy and resilience, social intelligence (EQ), leadership presence, 360° communication, and the ability to effectively navigate and lead change.

Our tailored coaching and development programs provide dedicated partnership, trusted professional guidance, and facilitation methods that promote engagement. Each program is custom-designed for you to build on existing strengths and experience, adapt new concepts to real-world challenges, and make better decisions—as leaders, teams, and organizations.

What best describes you professionally?

Emerging Leader /
Early or Mid-Career

You're crushing it so far, and want to be the obvious choice for more.

You've been a rockstar contributor, and now have a team reporting to you for the first time.

You’ve got a pretty good handle on managing your team. How to lead and coach them to the next level? Less clear.

This is me

New Entrepreneur /
Business Leader

You have so many ideas but can’t seem to kickstart "the one."

You don’t want to choose between making meaning and making money.

You've got mad skills as a maker/designer but are less confident as a business leader.

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Start-up / Organization
in Transition

Your mission is clear.
Your on-boarding program is another story.

Your team just doubled and so did the number of first-time managers.

Your directors started out as your interns. Talent and drive? Definitely. Leading a team with confidence? A work in progress.

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Meet Alice Carleton

Leadership Development Coach | Founder at True Intent

I love helping my clients build greater confidence and make better decisions. Before launching my coaching practice in 2015, I worked in luxe sales and marketing for 20 years where I led high-performing teams, learned from incredible mentors, navigated multiple seasons in my own career, and celebrated many success stories.

Along the way, I became a geek for leadership and organizational development. In 2005, I earned a master’s degree in leadership theory and a certificate in change management, and have since sought every opportunity to apply what I learned to my work.

Fast-forward to 2015, following 6 amazing years working with Kiehl’s and L’Oreal, I pulled up tracks and became certified as an executive coach and launched my coaching practice and boutique NYC firm, True Intent. Being a nerd for learning, I pursued a few more credentials, including an organizational development (OD) certificate, and Society of Human Resources Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) certification in 2018.

I primarily work with startups in creative, SaaS, culture, and wellness spaces. Given the state of the world, I am honored to coach my clients to be (even more) resourceful and resilient, tap new insight and ingenuity, navigate change with courage and confidence, and ultimately to PREVAIL.

Oh yeah, did I mention I’m an internal optimist?


Meet Alice Carleton

Our TrueACTS of Leadership Roadmap


Discover (or revisit) your strengths and identify potential gaps.


Challenge your assumptions—don't settle for status quo.


Develop trustworthy instincts and make better decisions.


Establish personalized frameworks for long-term success.

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